FW Murphy

Atlantis Marine can supply and configure F W Murphy CAN-based displays for use on your NMEA 2000 based vessel.

These hugely capable and flexible displays feature J1939, isolated NMEA2000 inputs as well as direct video feed inputs.

Rugged, reliable with bright sunlight viewable screens they are perfect for the marine and automotive environment.

When used jointly with EmpirBus NXT the "Glass Bridge" CanBus NMEA 2000 digital switching and monitoring environment
becomes a very cost effective reality for small/medium sized vessels.

IP67 front/back ratings and Tactile switches.

Integrates seamlessly with our EmpirBus NXT digital switching system



PV780 Screen                                                                                                PV450 Screen




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PV450 PV450 CAN Display  
PV780 PV780 CAN Display  
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