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Kohler Power Marine Generators Diesel and Petrol Paralleling Marine Generators
Kohler Power Mobile Generators
 Diesel Powered Mobile Generators
EmpirBus NXT  NMEA 2000 DeCentralised CanBus Electrical Switching and Distribution
FW Murphy NMEA 2000 J1939 Rugged Marine/Automotive CanBus "Glass Bridge" Displays
ZF Marine Electronic Engine Controls, CruiseCommand, MicroCommand
Newmar Battery Chargers and Electrical Equipment
Underwater LightsTM The Original Underwater Lights
Aquafresh Watermakers  Reliable RO Watermakers

NEW Kohler EFKOZD Paralleling Range, (Single and 3 Phase, 50 & 60Hz 11-20kW)

NEW Kohler EFOZDJ Paralleling Range (Single and 3 Phase, 50 & 60Hz 33-200kW)


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  • Kohler 175EFOZDJ
    Atlantis Marine Power is pleased to announce the arrival of the 175EFOZDJ /175EFOZCJ in the UK...
  • Seawork International 2015
    Atlantis Marine will be attending the annual Seawork International Exhibition taking place in the Canary Islands Fruit Terminal, ABP Southampton. ...
  • Skipper Expo International Aberdeen 2015
    Atlantis Marine Power will be present at the forthcoming Skipper Expo International Show at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre promoting Kohler Marine Generators. ...
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